Fifteen new British nursery schools will open in China after Kangaroo Pouch Nurseries, of the Midlands, signed a deal with Jiangsu Junyi Education Group. It is planned that the new centres will open in Jiangsu Province over the next three years.

Beyond that time period, Kangaroo Pouch also has ambitions to open as many as 30 further nursery education centres.

This is not the first example of European primary education providers seeking to launch in the Chinese market.

The British Government is encouraging more British nursery education providers to consider expanding to China.

The British Department for International Trade organised a trip to China for 10 group nursery leaders, giving them the chance to learn about nursery education in China, and ways in which co-operation between British and Chinese providers may be enhanced. The scheme was part of the 'China Education is GREAT' campaign by the Department for International Trade, and involved visits to Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.

It formed one of a number of recent trade efforts by the British Government, highlighting areas where the UK has potential to grow overseas relationships, particularly in the shadow of Brexit.

The third floor of Guangzhou Opera House is home to a new nursery school, with its roots in Carlisle in the North of England.

Stone Eden nursery will have capacity for up to 100 children, with learning primarily offered in English. Translators will be on hand to facilitate learning.

The school was originally founded in Carlisle in 2005, and this is its first school in China.

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