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Top Sunglasses adding vibe to your summer look

Summer has arrived, So sunglasses are the accessories which is worn almost every in  season, especially in summer. Wholesale sunglasses are the m

Reasons to get a voyance pure life coach

A good psychic can help you understand yourself and your challenges on a deeper level and help you to see options that weren't clear to you before. Fo

Using the Cellublue Suction Cup on the thighs and buttocks

Health and beauty matters a lot. People try a number of ways to keep themselves fit, toned and active. Majority of the people face cellulite that make

Bechara Tarabay

Duties of a Criminal lawyerIf you are having a hard time looking for the best criminal lawyer then there are some things which you have to always reme
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“Mogul Jiguur” LLC

“Mogul Jiguur” LLC since 2003- Dungenee Tourist Camp  “Mogul Jiguur” LLC自2003年 - Dungenee 旅游营
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Mark on the sheep

Mark on the sheep In Mongolia, Herders must be mark their sheep, then they use paint of construction for mark on sheep.  But it will be she
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Make Greeting card with drawn

Greeting card with paint of drawers and creators. This project will be support creators and drawers and introduce their creative and paint for socia
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Hand made by felt

Do It Yourself Hand made by felt; boots, laptop case, pen case, bag and notebook case. Then make semi product of felt product. One of Mongoli
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Zaalandaa application

What is Zaalandaa? Do you with your friends and colleagues play basketball or volleyball in sport hall? Then you need to call or meet to r
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Smart animals

Make smart collars. This domestic animals collars security QR and contain owner, vaccine. Domestic animals information’s database.  
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Green Farm

My name is Nomin. I'm geophysicist who want to start business here in Mongolia. My family have been doing farm for many years. I want to start cur
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Smart mirror

Smart Mirror Control usage water and power then save water and power. Everyone look in the mirror when go to bathroom. So this idea decide to con
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Make pencil by waste paper

Make pencil by waste paper We usually use wood pencil, it is influence less forest around the world. So we effort this project. It is environment
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ID BOX is contain happy time of whose couple, friends and family. They keep their happy time in ID BOX. It is make by hand and impairment young people
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New technology for health life and food

This is Home laboratory test vegetable and food ingredients.  Possible to use everyone at home.  It help to control healthy food usage
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Dutch greenhouse

Aim of the project: Cultivation of fresh vegetables in greenhouses of the Dutch production with area of 3 hectares within a year and continuous provid

To use plastic waste

As human consumption increases, plastic wastes also multiply. So here is a suggestion to kill two birds with one stone: Collecting plastic wastes to r

New design of icon

New designed icon for my business. I would like to buy the new idea for icons of business and collabrate with icon creator. 

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