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ECO CITY project

The ECO CITY project is very important for the construction of apartments with workplaces, proper use of clean water to reduce air pollution, and hous
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“Mogul Jiguur” LLC

“Mogul Jiguur” LLC since 2003- Dungenee Tourist Camp  “Mogul Jiguur” LLC自2003年 - Dungenee 旅游营
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“Undraga-Umnugobi” JSC

Our company  fixed assets worth MNT 129.6 million and  circulating assets worth MNT 68.7 million, on an average  annual income worth
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“Urangoo Maral” LLC

"Urangoo Maral" LLC was established on July 03, 2008 in order to several activities such as sewing, dryland freightage service of overland, foreign
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“Huvuun Hairhan” LLC

Khuvuun Khairkhan LLC was established in 2009, on intensify livestock, breeding and farm. Agriculture Ministry in cares of project dairy 5 cow, self
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“Ariun Tuulai” LLC

Ariun tuulai LLC was established in 2002 with 30 employees. Further we are expanding forward to our main mission “produce food”. Hereto necessary equi
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“Goviin Uguuj” LLC

Goviin Uguuj LLC was established in 1996, regard to tourism, resort service, hotel, foreign and domestic trade, variety store, agriculture raw trade a
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Green Garden

Project Purpose: Forestation and build garden around city. Forest around 1 hectare cleaned 18 m2 air and Infiltrate smoke.  Especially, deciduo
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Buyan GOGO Kinder garden for herder family's children and poverty families children

Buyan GOGO Kinder garden Since 2000, our kinder garden is established in Gobisumber province. Our garden has about 5400 children from herder fami
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Mark on the sheep

Mark on the sheep In Mongolia, Herders must be mark their sheep, then they use paint of construction for mark on sheep.  But it will be she
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Dutch greenhouse

Aim of the project: Cultivation of fresh vegetables in greenhouses of the Dutch production with area of 3 hectares within a year and continuous provid

Afghan Women’s Skills Development Centre (AWSDC)

AWSDC is a non profit organization established in 1999 with programming focusing on the needs of Afghan women, including widows and the disabled or ch

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