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The DAAD is an organisation of the institutions of higher education and student bodies in the Federal Republic of Germany. It provides funding and scholarships for foreigners to study or research in Germany and for Germans to study or research in foreign countries. In a lot of countries around the world DAAD has established a network of branch offices and information centers (IC's). The DAAD cooperates with partner institutions like Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes, Humboldt Stiftung and many other international institutions in the field of science and research. All these institutions have branches in other countries worldwide. Thus DAAD doesn't have cooperation agreements with private agencies. DAAD provides information about the higher education system in Germany and about scholarships and funding in internet and by publishing a wide range of print media which are free of charge and are distributed to the DAAD offices, IC‘s and partner institions abroad but also sent to individuals. We will send you one copy of each of these publications for your information. There are also publications that are distributed by Bertelsmann-Verlag or other suppliers. Please contact our homepage at: http://www.daad.de for information about DAAD and it's programmes and about our publications. Info-Center K11 Kennedyallee 50 53175 Bonn Tel.: +49(228)882-180 Fax : +49(228)882-444 www.daad.de
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