Asia Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP) 2016 in Japan

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Asia Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP) 2016 in Japan
Introduction Applications are invited for Asia Leadership Fellowship Program for collaborative and individual research/exchange activities. The ALFP is open to citizens of Northeast, Southeast and South-Asian countries and regions, aged 35 to 59, inclusive. During the program in Japan, the Fellows from diverse backgrounds reside in the center of Tokyo and actively engage in group discussions and dialogue with counterparts in Japan from different fields and sectors. The program period is from September 5 to October 28, 2016. Applicants must have a good command of English to engage in deep and substantial discussions in English. Eligibility: The ALFP is open to citizens of Northeast-, Southeast- and South-Asian countries and regions, aged 35 to 59, inclusive. Applicants must have a good command of English to engage in deep and substantial discussions in English. Applicants need to have a solid background in their own professions and have access to a wide audience in their country or region through publications, teaching, media, performance, etc. to disseminate their thoughts and findings. There is no prescribed set of professions for an ALFP fellow; the professions of past fellows include, but are not limited to, academia, journalism, business, national and local politics, education, administration, the arts, publications, and NGO and non-profit activities. Fellowship Value: The program will provide each fellow with the following: Round-trip airfare between Tokyo and the city where the fellow is based. A daily allowance (to cover accommodations, meals and other incidentals) Medical insurance during the Program in Japan Other costs related to group activities set by the Program Application Process: Applicants should submit the following documents by post to the ALFP Secretariat. All documents should be A4 size. Use only staplers and/or paper clips; do not bind them together with a ring binder or the like. Designated Application Form (pp. 6-7), completed, dated and signed. Curriculum Vitae in English. This must not exceed 5 pages in length. An essay of 500-1000 words in English Two Letters of Recommendation, signed and sealed (using the designated form; pp. 8-9), from people familiar with your work who can comment on your professional achievements. Two samples of recent written works in English, less than 10 pages in length (short essays, newspaper articles, etc.). Written samples that are related to your reason for applying for the ALFP or to the 2015 general theme are preferred.
Location Japan
Period of progress September 5 to October 28, 2016
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