Children Education & Welfare Society

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Children Education & Welfare Society

CEWS’s humanitarian services outreach to remote and underserved population has revealed some of the poorest conditions. Many of these people are illiterate and helpless. In fact some die because they lack proper life sustaining tools and or access to proper medical care. Families cannot rely on their relatives because they cannot help or support each other. It is not possible to transmit something one does not have.

Children Education & Welfare Society (CEWS) visualize a world where less privileged women and children can get educated, raise and realize their potential, can nurture higher ambitions and dreams, and have fair opportunity and empowerment to realize those dreams and get uplifted.

•Govt. of Pakistan rated the CEWS as BEST-NGO

•Created public private partnership with 10 public agencies i.e. Health, Education, Environment, Forest, Police, Cantonment Board, Sui Gas, NADRA, Social Welfare, Local Bodies

•Enrolled 10,000 national and international level members and volunteers

•Established a network of 50 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to ensure local communities’ participation at grassroots level to own and sustain public interest projects and benefited so far millions marginalised humanity. CBOs like Al-Flah Town, Chung Khurd, Kohar Bhtta, Nai Abadi Gohawa, Chachoonwali, Gadaai, Sakhi Sarwar, Choti Zareen etc. 

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