“HATAN HARMAG” LLC has been established to contribute will produce eco-products in food and agriculture by reducing import product, and planting Mongolian land, and developing natural and healthy fruits.


-The development of a Mongolian Gobi berry, nitraria farming with irrigation system production and sales of eco-products, raising investment by capitalizing on natural “growing resources”, protection of environment with widespread assistance of local residents and herders, and continuous, stable reforestation of Gobi desert.

- Production of nitraria brand product “Queen nitraria tea”, cluster development for production of nitraria teas, establishment of regional cluster model in Mongolia, contribution to the diversification of dependent industries, including mining and livestock based on partnership with local residents and herders, and increasing income sources of household we partner with.

As part of the social responsibility, the company has been operating to protect environment and nature since 2012 and established “Amin khelkhee Nature Fund” to implement a two-phased project.

2013 - In order to impact on environmental protection and social consciousness, "Short Story" 2000 edition was published.

Also, the first phase of the project focuses on research on nitraria planting and its composition studies. The pilot productions of 6 types of teas and juices have been made.

2014 - Raw Materials and research of resources, Nitraria history, to prepare, to keep, to carry and research, experimental work.

Since 2014, we produced healthy food by fruit –nitraria wine

                                                                          -nitraria pure juice

                                                                         -nitraria backet tea

We participated “Gobi Festival” two times by Nitraria.


Created at: 2017-07-22

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